Who I AM?

About Me

Hello my name is Romana and i am a thrapist of  the RUŠ method. The RUŠ method is something which can help you to solve the problems of your life and live happily ever after. No matter what your problem is. I know it sounds crazy but it really works. It helped even me and my life has changed in a significant way. You might ask me what happened? First I got the chance to read the book. After first pages I became truly excited as the book was not only interesting and genuinely wise but also hugely humorous. The jokes there are extremely funny. I had a really good time when I was reading the book, what is more, I learned something extraordinary. I got to know how to get rid of my problems. At last! I’d been trying to solve my problems for 20 years and nothing much happened. As soon as I started using the method described in the book I was really successful and I solved my problems easily, effectively and forever in a very short time. For example after having worked for 10 minutes with this method, my husband changed into a nice guy overnight. It wasn’t my husband who changed, it was me, of courseI Anyway, he behaved remarkanly different to “the new” me. I was so excited I couldn’t believe it! Such amazing results in such a short time. Many other miracles came to my life later. I got calmer, tolerant, I am not in a hurry any more, I always know what to do and what to say. In addition I have no problem with anybody anywhere.  

I have held over two hundred therapies and solved many various problems of my clients like depression, stress, anxiety, self-esteem, anger, relationships, grief and others.


  • Masaryk University, Masters Degree.

  • RUŠ Method certification.